Career Day 2017

James Faulkner Elementary School in Stoddard recently hosted a Career Day to give their students (K-5) some ideas to think about and possible careers they may want to consider in the future. The day was full of exciting presentations that included opening remarks by Miss NH Lauren Percy, who talked about her year of public service. After the opening assembly, students traveled to career sessions that included information about the US Navy with parent Jeff  Schafer; Occupational Safety with Ryan Lavoie, a parent who works as a safety engineer for ski resorts;  nursing with parent Jen Osborne; and optometry with parent Jon Tuthill.  Additional presenters were Hope Pettegrew who talked about her career in publishing and how she got the magazine Cobblestone off the ground, a four-member contingent from Millipour-Sigma who led their student scientists through some water filtering tests, and Monadnock Gymnastics showed students what a gymnast does to train.


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